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J O I N   T H E   T E A M

If you're interested to work on the Project you can support in the following topic


(Commercial/Game is made in Unity)


Games Programming:

Environment Programming:

Sci-Fi Fantasy Terrain Generation/Spawning of Props and Enemies

Tool Development:

Weapon Editor

Enemy Behaviour State Machine

Quest Editor

Network Programming (Server Authoritative):

Player Management

Combat System

Enemy Behaviour

Inventory System

Loot System,



Server Authorative means that for security reasons most logic is executed on the server and is merely communicated to the player in real time. Any of the above systems, therefore provide a challenge and excellent study topic.

Artificial Intelligence:

Enemy AI (Idle, Environment and Combat behaviour)

NPC Behaviour

Shader Programming:

Advanced URP Shader to apply de/buffs, auras, etc. on the Player/Enemy


Game Art

Get inspired on PROJECT: PIONEERS Pinterest


Sci-Fi Fantasy Character/Enemy Design

(Interactive/informative) Loading Screen Animation

Animated Combat/Inventory UI, Character Stats UI]


Sci-Fi Humanoid Characters (Human and Androids)

Alien Enemies (See: #2d-artwork)

Environtment(from Alien Mountain Forest to Bizarre Interstellar Architecture)

Sci-Fi Props (Fences, Switches, Doors, Chests)

Character and Enemy Combat Animations ]




Genre/Emotion: Melancholic, Sci-Fi, Action

Battle Themes

Game Soundtrack

Ambient Music, etc.

Listen to: PSO Ep. I, II & III playlist

Sound Effects:

Sci-Fi Swords


Monster Groans

Ambient Sounds

Pro Sounds

Combat Impact sounds


UI Sound samples here


Most of the systems already exist in working fashion in the project but can be refactored or even done from scratch if the proposal is promising. If you are interested in working on the project long term, profit sharing and long term positions upon studio founding can be discussed.

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