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P R O J E C T :   P I O N E E R   S T O R Y

Soldiers of CLASS and CHASS are amalgamate to the Äther of the planet by rudimentary technology.

These are, for example, bionic arm prostheses or torso modifications that have emerged from nature research.

The Äther that contains all elements is also connected with the Singularity. Through the networking into the Äther and the strange yet similar anatomy of humans to ancients, consciousness travels into human bodies. However, since they are underdeveloped spirits that travel into an adult and stable body/spirit, the new host is not corrupted. This process therefore remains unknown to researchers and the affected pioneers.

The colony has learned to use the Äther in limited fashion and uses it in combat.

Nature grew structured.

Everything is placed in the world, not interfering with the task of another plant. Trees are aligned symmetrical, having the prefect room to function. Random patterns, like tree bark, are rare and life is no longer iterating randomly to generate evolution but being algorithmically optimized.

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