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P R O J E C T :   P I O N E E R

is an online action RPG. Faithfully inspired and dedicated by Phantasy Star Online: Episode I&II on Nintendo Game Cube.
We aim to make a fun but challenging game to play with a melancholic mood.
Project Pioneer features a classic loot system, methodical real time combat with sci-fi weapons, cooperation with other players online and enemies that are designed with that much care as if they were bosses.
Combat will gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master.

Monster Hunter and Souls gameplay ideas also influence modern aspects of the combat elements in Project Pioneer.


"A love letter to Phantasy Star Online. A revolutionary title and its lasting influence on the methodical online, action, RPG and the video game industry.


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P R O J E C T :   P I O N E E R   G O E S   L I V E

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PROJECT: PIONEER makes it's debut online on Discord, Twitch, YouTube and Twitter!

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